Using Family Mediators for Interventions

An intervention is usually carried out with the help of a neutral, third-party who helps manage the entire process. This third-party may be a counselor, therapist, or a professional interventionist. While they are the usual people who are asked to assist during interventions, some families seek the help of a...

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Family mediation

Family mediation is a member of the ADR or alternative dispute resolution family. It forms one of the core pillars of mediation services provided globally. Historically, it remains unclear where family mediation first evolved geographically. However, family mediation has been present in various forms in various cultures world-wide for thousands...

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Family mediation and dispute resolution

Family mediation and dispute resolution Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between people in conflict, usually facilitated by a neutral person. Separated families are encouraged to use family mediation to help resolve their disputes about children, instead of using the family law courts. What is family mediation?

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