STEP 1: Contact us, to find out more and make an appointment to see us.

Explain your problem.

STEP 2: If mediation is possible, we will assist you to fill in an application form.

  • MED-1 Application for referral to mediation prior to litigation
  • MED-3 Application for referral to mediation after litigation commenced

STEP 3: We will invite you and the other party to come to a meeting to discuss an agreement to mediate.

At this meeting:

  • The mediation process will be explained.
  • The parties sign a written agreement to mediate.
  • We will assist the parties to choose a mediator.
  • The date and time of mediation will be agreed and fees
  • Fees will be payed according to a fixed tariff and shared equally by both parties.

STEP 4: The mediator and parties meet on a suitable date for a mediation session.

  • The mediator explains mediation rules and procedures.
  • Each party tells their story.
  • The mediator may ask questions.
  • The mediator suggests solutions.
  • Parties discuss what is the best solution.

STEP 5: An Agreement is reached by the parties.

  • The mediator helps parties to write an agreement.
  • Agreement may be made an order of court if parties wish.

Benefits of mediation:

  • It offers speedy resolution of disputes.
  • It is considerably cheaper than litigation.
  • It provides a win-win situation for both parties in a dispute.
  • The process is flexible and avoids technicalities.
  • It is a voluntary process.
  • It promotes reconciliation.
  • Parties can use their own languages.
[ssa_booking type=mediation-consultation]


1. Perusal of documents, per page R 22,00 R 22,00
2. For every half hour or part thereof spent in mediation with
parties or litigants to the dispute: or any necessary witness R 225,00 R 300,00
3. Preparation of a report in terms of rule 80(2), per hour R 450,00 R 600,00
4. Travelling from usual place of business to the mediation
venue, per kilometre R 3,00 R 3,00
(a) The fee in item (2) above for a single mediation shall be
subject to a maximum fee per day of:
(i) R4 500,00 for a level 1 mediator; and
(ii) R6 000,00 for a level 2 mediator.
(b) The fee in item (3) above shall be subject to a maximum
fee of:
(i) R1 350,00 for a level 1 mediator; and
(ii) R1 800,00 for a level 2 mediator.